Looking Back, Looking Forward

Scottsdale City Council candidate Joanne “Copper” Phillips recent copied me on a My Turn submission she sent to the editors of the Arizona Republic. Based on the Republic’s track record, I have taken the liberty of posting her column here.

Recently, the Scottsdale Republic endorsed special interest supported candidates: Jim Lane, Suzanne Klapp, Virginia Korte and Eric Luoma.  They alleged their biggest threats, mayoral challenger John Washington and council candidates Joanne “Copper” Phillips, Chris Schaffner and Guy Phillips had their eyes in the rear view mirror.

Interesting comment… so much so, I decided to actually look in that rear view mirror and here is what I saw:

  • A Scottsdale mayor and council, trusted by the community, who put citizens and neighborhoods above development interests
  • A City that prided itself on the unique Western brand of the West’s Most Western Town
  • A City Hall that welcomed and sought citizen input and guidance on key decisions and that showed sensitivity to citizen needs with respect to safety, transportation, housing, and services
  • Employees who worked side by side with citizens, encouraged by upper management and the city manager
  • A feeling of family and loyalty to the City by our employees
  • Support for business development that complemented Scottsdale and contributed to our prosperity
  • Development plans that adhered to and aligned with the General Plan at all levels: citywide, neighborhood, and character areas
  • A vision for the future that addressed height and density and protected our character, lifestyle, tourism and neighborhoods
  • Scenic mountain vistas unobstructed by tall buildings
  • A balanced budget with sufficient funds for capital maintenance and needs

I don’t know about you, but I sure did enjoy the view!

We don’t want commercial businesses next door to our homes, multi-story apartment buildings and offices overlooking our backyards and hiding our mountains, nor our downtown devoid of stores but teeming with bars, litter, and sleaze, and road congestion so bad that we cannot get to the other side of the city in less than an hour.

Obese growth fattens special interest bank accounts but leaves empty buildings and bladed lots behind. Thoughtful growth adds strength, vitality and muscle to the community and supports complimentary businesses and tourism.

We chose to live here because it was Scottsdale and we paid more for it. We don’t want to be East Phoenix or Anytown, USA. If you want to continue as we have in the last few years, go with the Republic’s choices.

If you want a council who supports fostering the Scottsdale quality of life and home values, vote for proactive change.

Joanne “Copper” Phillips

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