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Good evening COGS E-Newsletter Reader,   Where oh where SHOULD those political signs be? COGS has got the answers to the question for you in this newsletter.  Do you have an opinion on Street Vendors? Where is the newest neighborhood McDonald’s fast food planned? How about taking your favorite date to a local stage show this weekend?

Where oh where should those political signs go? ….not only “go” as in legal placement throughout our city streets, but “go” as in WHO removed already placed candidate signs?   This morning the Chairman of COGS (The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale) and Scottsdale Coalition met with Raun Kaegy, Director of Neighborhood Resources.  We sought legal clarification of where may signs be installed in light of  the new state law (Scottsdale has a NO SIGNS in the public right of way still on the books that is superseded by this state law).  Mr. Kaegy correctly sent a directive today to all departments of the city stating that any sign removals are to be authorized and conducted by the Code Enforcement staff.  At this time CE has not removed any signs but it is surmised that the rash of removals has been by an outside contractor.  The missing signs are being “tracked down” and hopefully not dumped into the trash by the ardent and misinformed workers.

So here is the summary of can and can nots:

CANNOT PLACE A SIGN: (1) In ANY public-right-of-way in the state allowed and designated City of Scottsdale No Sign Zone.  Go to the city website for this map. (2) In any area that results in imminent traffic hazard or danger to the public or  ADA (Americans With Disability Act) requirements (3) on private property without permission. (4) In any center medians of a divided road (or in any hardscape at mid intersections) (5) In the city parks or city controlled properties

WHAT TO KNOW: (1) Not all public right-of-way is an 8 ft width from the street curb  (2) Most land between a street curb and the sidewalk is a public right-of-way (3) You need to maintain your political signs regularly (4) It is legal to install signs opposing a candidate, but COGS discourages this as a negative and unproductive act. Hopefully all candidates and their supporters will keep the High Road through this campaign season.

CAN PLACE A SIGN: (1) Outside the Scottsdale No Sign Zone in an appropriate public-right-of-way  (2) Inside the Scottsdale No Sign Zone on private property including businesses with permission  (3) anywhere in the city on private property with permission (4) on your own property–check your HOA regarding HOA controlled property

SIGN REQUIREMENTS: (1) Include the name and telephone number of a campaign contact person—the city will accept an e-mail address (2) May install 60 days prior to the Primary election and removal is 15 days after the general election for those candidates who make it through the Primary ballot  (3) Candidates who do not make it to the General Election in November have 15 days after the Primary to remove their signs. (4) Size does matter—maximum 16 sq ft size in a residential area and 32 sq ft in any other area. (5) Sign maximum height is 10 feet —yes TEN FEET!

WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES FOR OFFENSES? (1) If the sign is a traffic or public hazard or ADA noncompliant it will be removed immediately by Code Enforcement personnel after camera documentation. (2) If damaged, unsecured from its posts and imminently a road, traffic visibility or pedestrian hazard, it will be immediately removed after documentation (3) Signs that are improperly placed and not a hazard receive a 24 hour Compliance Notice to the campaign team or candidate. (4) Removed signs will be held at the Code Enforcement storage shed without penalty. Signs are discarded if not picked up after 10 days.

We thank Director Raun Kaegy for his prompt and pro-active response to our alert that there is developing a serious campaign sign problems.

Feel free to GOOGLE the entire state law 16-1019 Political Signs if you have trouble sleeping tonight.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE NEXT COGS HOSTED MAYORAL CANDIDATE FORUM—-Thursday, 26 July  6:30 pm to 8 pm  in the Mountain View Community Center at 8526 E Mountain View (South of Shea Blvd then east of Hayden Rd and west of Pima Road).  Audience questions will be answered and a dynamic discussion is expected.  There are three candidates for mayor.

A new McDonalds fast food drive-through is proposed for the NE corner of the Basha’s shopping center near Saguaro High School ( a closed campus). The location is 5998 E. Granite Reef Rd  at McDonald Drive—appropriate by name.  Comments on case 27 DR 2012 can be sent to Keith Niederer  or evaluate the project at

STREET VENDOR ORDINANCE is proposed. It was always fun to hear the music of the approaching ice cream truck.  The vendor drove slowly to give you time to beg a parent for the money to buy. In the 1970s our city banned street vending including ice cream trucks.   Now the city is getting more street vendor requests so specific health requirements, licensing, fingerprinting and background checks are proposed to protect Scottsdale children and families. Sunrise to sunset hour limitation as well as on residential streets only and not in the downtown are proposed.  PUBLIC MEETINGS will be heldTuesday, July 24th 6 to 7 pm at the Via Linda Senior Center, 10440 E. Via Linda Drive or Wednesday, July 25th 6 to 7 pm at the Granite Reef Senior Center.  The ordinance draft is at  Send comments to if you cannot attend the public meetings or have a question about the proposed ordinance.

SURPRISE SOMEONE SPECIAL WITH A DESERT STAGE THEATRE live production ticket to “RENT”.  This Tony Award winning Broadway musical will be on the Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre Friday, Saturday and Sunday through August 11th. Tickets are $25 at the door…$22 advance purchase…$20 for seniors and students.  The theater is at 4720 North Scottsdale Rd (near Fashion Square).

For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale Board of Directors, Sonnie Kirtley  Chair  e-mail:   website:

Trying to reach the COGS Political Committee?  Get information at their website  or their e mail address at (that is a one after the PC)

To get campaign signs or ask questions about the endorsed candidates, you need to contact the Chairman Allan Henderson.

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