$75,000 Home, 200 sq ft

Robert Conrad and The Wanderer | Wikipedia

I have to admit that minimalist living is a notion that’s always appealed to me. I guess that’s why I was always intrigued by the idea of living on a boat, in a small motorhome (we have an antique), or an airplane outfitted as an RV…preferably a seaplane (I have my seaplane rating). Homes made out of steel ocean shipping containers are cool, too.

Even the cute little 200 sq ft “Mod Box” home concept in downtown Phoenix showcased in a recent AZCentral article sounds neat…as a CHOICE perhaps for me, but not one I’d impose on anyone else.

I also don’t like the idea of needing to ride the light rail to get to it. And the price is pretty ridiculous. Still, kudos to the guy for giving it a try.

There is a small, portable office concept floating around in the Scottsdale Airpark called “Biz Box,” that is also thought provoking. Maybe I could put one of those on railroad wheels and hook it to the back of a light rail car so I could enjoy the changing scenery as I work.

Remember how James West and Artemus Gordon traveled around in their personal train, The Wanderer, in the 1960s television show, The Wild Wild West?

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