In With A Bang

Last week came in with a bang: The resignation of David Richert from his post as Scottsdale City Manager. The week peaked with fireworks–literally–on Wednesday, the 4th of July. However, like the big fireworks show in San Diego that malfunctioned and fired all at once, there was a long silence afterward.

Perhaps with Independence Day falling in the middle of the week, the City Council going on summer break, and many Scottsdale residents heading to the mountains or the coast, there just wasn’t anything going on.

I’ll have some news for you this week as I get organized for a big campaign effort. Until then, things are quiet.

So quiet that one of my reporter friends was trolling for stories. And then someone drove through a house in Glendale:

Jadiann Thompson Jadiann Thompson@JadiannCBS5 Want to know what it looks like when a driver goes through a living room? -Jadiann

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