Old Crow

I recently ran across this stunning image by Alicia Walby of the P-51 “Old Crow,” which (I believe) is a recreation of the Mustang flown by CE “Bud” Anderson in WWII.

Anderson and Chuck Yeager flew together, and I worked with Bud’s son Jim Anderson for a short time at Armstrong Laboratory at Williams AFB.

Just thought I’d share this patriotic image on the day the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. It’s linked to Bud’s website where you can see more.

P-51 "Old Crow" | Alicia Walby

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  1. Hi John. Someone had sent me a link to this saying my photo made it across the web. First of all I would like to thank your for sharing this with everyone. Truly a patriotic image as you put it. I would like to confirm with you that yes, this was the P-51 once flown by the great Bud Anderson. I was walking back to my campsite after working all day and I happened to bring my camera with me that day. One of those right place at the right time moments. It wasn’t until last year I was able to meet him at a book signing at EAA AirVenture. His book has great stories if you are at all interested in his life flying. The president of Scott’s Miracle Grow now owns the aircraft. He is at the airshow every year with Bud, and his pal Jack Rousch.

    Have a great weekend.
    -Alicia M. Walby

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