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New Location of Paul's Ace Hardware in South Scottsdale

Many years ago I met an automotive journalist and racing driver named Denise McCluggage. In the course of an all-too-brief conversation Denise made a comment to the effect that you can tell a lot about a town by its hardware store. As a guy who’d rather hang out in a hardware store than just about anywhere else, her statement rang true.

A few months ago our beloved downtown Paul’s Ace Hardware moved out of the Albertson’s shopping center at Scottsdale Road and Thomas to a larger store location farther south, just above McDowell Road.

Now what was a short hop from my home downtown (Miller and Osborn) now seems like a trek. It’s as far away as Lowe’s, thus eliminating one of the reasons not to go to Lowe’s.

Fortunately, the other reasons–including genuinely helpful and knowledgeable staff, and real hardware that you can’t always find at a big box store–are still compelling.

Paul's barista Megan

Another reason I liked the old location was the proximity to the chain bagel shop next door. I could have breakfast and coffee with the family before browsing the aisles of Paul’s. Again, fortunately, Paul’s has taken a step to address this as well: They have a real espresso machine and a real barista on staff!

Megan has extensive experience in the coffee business, and–like all the folks at Paul’s–demonstrates great enthusiasm for her work. Paul’s has their own “Builder’s Blend” of loose-leaf tea (it smelled wonderful)  and locally-roasted coffee beans. Megan’s pastries looked great, too, though I’d already eaten breakfast and hadn’t ridden my bike enough to justify having one.

I love the fact that Paul’s celebrates their history in the community with great vintage photos around the store.

Here’s a little more about the history of Paul’s Hardware from their website:

Paul E. Dauwalder established his first hardware store in downtown Scottsdale way back in 1956 at the Northwest corner of Thomas and Scottsdale Roads.

With a sales area of approximately 1,800 square feet it only took two years for the business to outgrow itself, so it was moved to a larger building farther north on Scottsdale Road.

Eight years later the company expanded again and moved to the old post office location on 4th Street. Thirty-six years later in February of 1992, the Scottsdale store moved back to its roots, this time to the Southeast corner of Scottsdale and Thomas Roads.

20 years and the end of a lease was approaching and we needed to find a new home, and we did. New Years Eve 2011/2012 we moved our Scottsdale and Thomas location to our new home at 1800 N. Scottsdale Road, just north of the Post Office. We are loving it here!

Don Dauwalder (center) and his daughters, Julie Buchkowski (L) and Tricia Dauwalder-Luna (R)
Paul Dauwalder worked up until he passed away in 1991. His son Don then took the reins and oversaw the company’s expansion. Don retired in late 2008 and his daughter Julie Buchkowski is now our driving force.

We are three generations strong (working on the fourth) and aim to keep in it for the long haul!


Paul’s Ace Hardware
1800 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Phone: 480.947.7281, Fax: 480.941.5621
Hours: 6:30am-8pm Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm Sun


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  1. I came across this article when I was Googling Paul’s Hardware locations.

    I do frequent Paul’s once in a while but only for specific items and when I need customer service. The majority of times I do frequent Lowe’s simply because their prices are better.

    I did sample their coffee one morning and if their barista is experienced it was not reflected in the over priced cup of coffee I tried. Small cup – Starbucks prices. My wife had one of those latte things with a shot of this and steamed that with so much flavoring you could hardly find the coffee.

    At those prices and with that quality – I don’t think Starbucks is worried yet.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Connor.

    I have to admit that I wrestle with the price-vs-service dilemma all the time. I think it’s genetic. However, it’s clear that both Lowe’s and Paul’s (and Starbucks) will be in business a long time. Choice is good; that’s what the free market is all about, I suppose.

    As far as the coffee, I have to confess something else. As much as I like to think I know about coffee, I probably don’t.

    And, I didn’t actually try it last time I was there because I’d already had two of my homebrew double shots that morning. However, I promise I will try it next time…and stay around long enough to talk to Megan about it if it isn’t what I expect. Maybe I can help her a little…and she can educate me a little!

  3. When I visit Ace Hardware, I always make sure that I have the time to just cruise up and down the isles. Nothing more fun than finding something and for a moment or two thinking where and how you would use it at home. Hardware stores are where tools and supplies are found but also where dreams begin.

  4. Thank you so much for the great article! Very sweet words. It’s cool to read about yourself online 🙂 We’re glad you made it down to the new location and took the time to write about it.
    Thank you for the feedback and know that we do price match 🙂
    See you in the store next time!

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