City Council Preview

The posted agenda for the Scottsdale City Council meeting this Tuesday 24 April (note 4 p.m. start time) looks painful: It’s all about the budget.

I think I’d rather have Mike Tyson gnawing on my ear than sit through this kind of meeting. But, it’s important so I will. Well, I might watch it at home on Scottsdale CityCable Cox Channel 11 or streaming through my computer.

At least that way I can drink a soothing beverage (non-alcoholic so as not to risk falling asleep with the remote in-hand) while punishing my math-challenged brain. I took four years of calculus, differential equations, and partial differential equations, and this budget stuff is worse!

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  1. Personally I would rather go through 24 hours of labor and then delivery… least then you understand what you are looking at a the end.

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