Old Timers Recap

Tyson Ballard, Scottsdale High School
Nell Hearne, Scottsdale High School

Keri, Meg, and I attended the Scottsdale Old Timers Reunion at El Dorado yesterday. Spotting many familiar surnames on the name tags led to wonderful reminiscences about the early days of Scottsdale. We found photos of Keri’s grandfather, Tyson Ballard, in some of the old Scottsdale High School yearbooks, along with her grandmother, Nell Hearne.

Probably the highlight for me was a fascinating personal lecture by Paul Messinger on small business success strategies, including employee stock ownership plans; diversification; strategic mergers, acquisitions, and cross-investment; and reinvesting profits for long-term growth. Talk about sharp, this man could teach a class!

Cora and Paul Messinger, and Kathleen Boos

I also enjoyed talking to DeEtte Person, formerly of City of Scottsdale public affairs. She’s working under contract with the Dana Bracia of the Scottsdale Public Library to collect, and preserve resident-owned historical photos and personal stories for the “Digital History Collection.”

Scottsdale Remembers

In this ongoing effort that started with “Scottsdale Remembers: Recollections of our Past,” the Library is hosting Community Collage sessions where residents can make appointments to bring in their photos and documents to be scanned while-you-watch, and then returned immediately. Email Dana to make an appointment.

Scottsdale Remembers was designated an Legacy Project for the Arizona Centennial. You can see many of the images preserved so far on the Memory Project website, and on the Scottsdale Public Library website. You can also sign in using your library card in order to add your own comments on the images.


Old Timers
Next Generation

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  1. Hi, My name is Becky Mowry and I was a friend of MaryAnn WAY BACK in the day. I just ran across your site today and want to let you know that I would love to see you at this years Reunion!
    April 14, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
    Scottsdale El Dorado Park Community Center
    Hello friends and fellow Scottsdale Old Timers!
    Please join us for the 58th Anniversary of the day we
    share laughter, love and precious memories of the
    way it used to be in Scottsdale! We are excited to let
    you know that we will be back at El Dorado Park in
    the Community Center.
    We are starting something new this year, a Memorial
    Wall, to honor those we have lost over the years. If
    you have a photo of an Old Timer who has passed,
    please bring it so it can be placed on the Wall.
    If you have any questions just give one of us a call:
    JoAnn Handley 480-946-0394
    Eleanor Brierley 480-330-2097
    Diana Green 602-840-4483
    Becky Mowry 425-367-7196

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