Cultural Council Update, City Council Recap

I’m a little behind this week in posting info on Tuesday night’s city council meeting. There has been a lot going on for me, and I noticed the Republic posted their council recap article on Wednesday.

That’s a big improvement for the Republic. So, I didn’t feel too bad about not getting up my version of events right away.

Cultural Council CEO Bill Banchs

Bill Banchs gave a “Cultural Council Update” presentation to the Scottsdale City Council at the beginning of their meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting video has been posted. Banchs’ presentation begins at 0:14:00. My comments follow shortly after at 0:28:30.

I can’t for the life of me understand why Banchs hosted a big, Cultural Council-funded (which means half-taxpayer-funded) party at his house the next night.

The guy really is his own worst enemy. You’d think for $247,000/year, the Cultural Council Board of Trustees could have hired a smarter guy to run it. That says a lot about the Board of Trustees, too.

Other topics of interest at the City Council meeting include city employee compensation analysis, and city employee/retiree benefits. These are discussed on the regular agenda in Items 16, 17, and 18.

I am appalled at how the Council–particularly Mayor Lane and Councilman McCullagh–seem to despise the retirees and employees.

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  1. An astute reader watching the City Council meeting remarked,

    “…[Mayor] Lane agendized that item as an update with no comments allowed [directly on the item] from the public or the Council! That’s why it matters who is Mayor.”

    I guess Lane didn’t realize the “non-agendized” public comment portion of the meeting was immediately after this “update.”

  2. As a trekkie, please do NOT insult Sir Patrick Stewart, he commanded a fake starship better than this guy who can’t even read his own notes about his organization. Also, don’t confuse nerves with incompetency.

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