Howard’s Recommendations on the Ballot

Howard Myers analyzed the ballot propositions for the Scottsdale city election on Tuesday 13 March, and provided his recommendations as noted below.

Because I am suspicious about even the ones that seem innocuous, I’m recommending a NO vote on everything, but I thought you might want to see a different perspective.


Question 1, Proposed Natural And Artificial Gas Distribution Franchise.

Is a back-door tax increase on Scottsdale residents who are Southwest Gas customers (Bad). NO.

Proposition 430, General Plan Update.

Some good some bad but the bottom line is this plan does not specify the future of the city and therefore does not accomplish its purpose (Bad). Turn it down and force the city to do it right. NO.

Question 1, Proposition 431. Changes to the city charter, Article 1, Section 3, Powers Of The City.

Limits city liability for controlling damage due to flooding (Bad). Allows the city to collect money to restore open space (Good). NO.

Question 2, Prop. 432, Changes to the city charter, Article 2, The Council

Expands the powers given to the Mayor. These powers should rest with the entire city council, not one person (Bad). NO.

Question 3, Prop. 433, Changes to the city charter, Appointed Boards And Commissions

Removes the Mayor and City Manager from being non-voting members of boards and commissions (Good). Neither the Mayor and certainly not the city manager should be involved with any board or commission influencing their decisions. YES.

Question 4, Proposition 434, Changes to the city charter relating to administrative changes to article 6, finance and taxation.

Removes the ability of the city council from changing items in the budget once the public meeting has occurred (Good). Requires the city manager to consult with other city officials when making the budget (Good). YES.

Question 5, Proposition 435, Changes to the city charter relating to execution of contracts.

Allows the city council to exceed a budget for emergencies or other unexpected events, without oversight from the state (Good). Allows the city council to amend the execution of contracts with the City (Probably Good). YES.

Question 6, Proposition 436, Changes to the city charter relating to franchises.

Makes the Charter language consistent with state law (Good). YES.

Question 7, Proposition 437, Changes to the city charter relating to public records.

Adds language that requires the records of every office, department or agency of the city shall be open for inspection pursuant to all applicable laws (Good). YES. 

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  1. Normally, I would not agree with suggestions made by Howard Myers as I believe him to be a tree hugging elitist, but I have to make an exception as I do agree with his assessments.

  2. Me too. I’m an elitist but I only hug trees when I have to. Or is it the other way around? I forget.

    Seriously, though, I think we are all in the same boat lately. I’m glad to have the help of folks from all over the city and all perspectives.

    And I appreciate your participation, too, Mike!

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