Project 9: “To Hell With The Paperwork”

The Chindit, mythical Burmese lion


Many of you are aware of the project on which I’m assisting to document some of the personal recollections of Scottsdale’s own Charles Poston and his fellow airmen in the 1st Air Commando Group. The 1ACG operated in the China-Burma-India theater of operations in WWII.

Brad Michaelson at Runway 21 Studios in the Scottsdale Airpark has been trying to herd this effort to the next hurdle. He has packaged some of the interview footage we’ve gathered with some historic footage and photos to stitch together a rough, 30-minute intro to what we hope will someday be a full-blown documentary.

You can see more information about our efforts on Brad’s new website, Scottsdale Arrivals. We are actively seeking sponsors to allow us to pay a professional editor and researcher to polish up what we’ve done. So if you have interest in military history, aviation, and World War II; know of anyone else who does; or if you know of an aviation-related company that would like to support our effort and promote their business with prominent sponsorship credit, please let me know!

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