Postpone the Election

A Citizen’s Petition to the Scottsdale City Council

Pursuant to Article 2, Section 16 of the Scottsdale City Charter, I hereby petition the Scottsdale City Council to postpone the March 13, 2012 City Election.

Mayor Lane I have informed you and the City Council many times that the citizens of Scottsdale are overwhelmingly opposed to the planning policies changes incorporated into the proposed General Plan Update. Several of Scottsdale’s most involved and most knowledgeable residents have strongly recommended that the City take advantage of the State’s extension for updating the General Plan. However, these well-reasoned suggestions have been ignored and this ballot proposition is headed to certain defeat.

Further, Mayor Lane, you and the City Council have not adequately informed the voters of the tax increase hidden in Question 1, the Southwest Gas franchise agreement. Nor have you adequately justified that tax increase. Mayor Lane, openness and honesty in government was the keystone of your last campaign. This was your promise to the citizens of Scottsdale.

I realized that there are costs already incurred with this election. However, there is such mistrust of the Mayor, City Council, and city government with regard to taxing, wasteful spending, and developer-friendly planning and zoning that the voters are inclined to simply vote against every item on the ballot. The cost will be even greater when the voters completely reject these changes and the taxpayer money you have spent on the election will be wasted.

Please, heed the residents and postpone this election.


John Washington

24 Jan 2012

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  1. John, The mayor will be having a ” COMMUNITY CONVERSATION” at the McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center this Wednesday night from 7 to 9. Would you consider attending? I will be there & bring this up.

    My gut feeling is that there won’t be many people attending even though I’ve been emailing some residents as has the HOA.

    I know this is a long way from your house but I think you could get your message across open up some eyes.

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