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Two more big announcements this afternoon pertaining to Scottsdale elections.

Rick Kidder, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce CEO

After several citizens including yours truly spoke out against the General Plan Update and other items on the March 13th city election, the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce has formed a political committee to lobby in favor of the General Plan Update [Rick Kidder, Chairman]. I guess concerns about whether this Update is developer-friendly have been laid to rest! Expect the Chamber to throw a big wad of cash into a ‘voter education effort,’ or whatever they are going to call it this time. This is about as much of a surprise as Suzanne Klapp’s re-election campaign announcement.

For the Council races to be determined this fall, we have a new name (I started to say “face,” but I don’t know anyone who has ever seen the guy) on the roster to try to unseat The Apartment Mayor: Daniel Brennan. If you know Daniel, please post a comment or have him send in some info. I would have called him, but he listed a Seattle phone number on his statement of organization.

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  1. if its the daniel brennan on facebook hes no threat. looks like a libertarian trying to get his views out like in the last election.
    Watch where the money comes from for kidders campaign. The law firm in phoenix who filed earlier.

  2. UPDATE: I understand that Mr. Brennan has now withdrawn his organization statement and will get involved in Scottsdale city politics in some other manner. We look forward to hearing more about him in that effort.

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