City Council Recap

Last night’s City Council meeting turned out to be a lot more interesting than the agenda seemed to indicate.

You can view the video of my overall comments about the General Plan Update, the March election, etc., starting at about 00:52:00 into the recording. The Council was getting “ethics training” before that…ahem, please don’t fall out of your chair.

Comments on the Scottsdale and Lincoln Mixed Use Project start at about 01:14:00 (mine at about 01:19:00).

The council discussion subsequent to public comment on this item is priceless. I think this one case provides in a neat, small box, illustrations of virtually everything that is wrong with our land use and zoning processes; the way citizen input is not cultivated and welcomed (let alone outright rejected); and the self-delusional rhetoric of the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce Caucus.

Can we trust these people to run the city for the next four years? Some of these clips will make the highlight reel!

I’ll review other agenda items later this week and post updates to this article as I have them. Meanwhile, your comments and questions are welcome.

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