Scottsdale and Lincoln Mixed Use Project

Sorry this is last-minute, but there are so many outrages going on in Scottsdale right now that this one snuck up on me.

There’s a final zoning approval on this afternoon’s Scottsdale City Council “consent agenda” (meaning no discussion, vote only) for the “Scottsdale and Lincoln Mixed Use” project.

Scottsdale Lincoln Mixed Use Project

As you can see from the link I provided below to the supporting documents for the agenda item. SLMU is a rezoning for an office park on the northwest corner of the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Lincoln Road. Here are some of the specifications for what the developer wants (and is likely to get, given the current disposition of our mayor and city council majority).

  • Rezone from “Commercial Office” (CO) to “Planned Unit Development” (PUD)
  • 5 buildings, 48 feet tall PLUS mechanicals on roof.
  • On 7.5 net acres.
  • 264 dwelling units.
  • 23,000 feet of commercial space.

I think you’ll agree that this density and height is an affront to the context of the existing community around this intersection and the open space immediately to the west in Paradise Valley. It will also create significant stress on the traffic flow at two intersections that are already problematic (Scottsdale and Lincoln, and Scottsdale and Indian Bend).

As I said, this is on the consent agenda for tonight. I’m going to be there and will put in a card to urge the council pull it to the regular agenda for at least a discussion and further public input.

In order to have a prayer of that, we need folks to at least email the council. You can contact all council members plus the mayor by emailing:

If you can come to the meeting (it is an early start at 4:30 instead of the usual 5:00), please at least put in a written comment card. The consent agenda will be heard first. Barring public comment from the microphone, the entire consent agenda will probably be approved pretty rapidly with a single vote of the council.

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