Reliably Disappointing

Suzanne Klapp, Scottsdale City Council

I saw a Tweet this morning ‘announcing the pending announcement’ by Suzanne Klapp that she’s running again for re-election to City Council. No one save Dennis Robbins has been more disappointing on Council than Klapp. Robbins showed his complete lack of integrity when he lectured yours truly on “civil dialog,” then turned right around and called me and other community advocates “Chicken Littles” for expressing concerns about Scottsdale’s character and sustainability…in the Arizona Republic, no less!

Klapp has one of the most compelling and humble personal histories (at least to hear her tell it) of the current crop. Unfortunately, that has morphed into being (or maybe she always was) completely out of touch with concerned voters and many times with reality, e.g., claiming a development project being considered for significant upzoning concessions will reduce traffic in the area!

Klapp has proven herself to be the most reliable Chamber of Commerce vote on the Council among the current crop. Unlike Wayne Ecton, who took some time to turn to the dark side, Klapp hit the ground running arm-in-arm with the developers who dominate the Chamber these days. Now with Linda Milhaven by her side, they vote in virtual lockstep with each other in favor of the Chamber agenda.

Now I like Wayne Ecton personally, but he got dumped pretty unceremoniously by the folks who put him in office for his last term. I’d guess that many of his supporters also supported Klapp, so I expect her to be among the also-rans this time around. Her unwavering support for the General Plan Update and the Entertainment District will make sure of that.

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