As Predicted

As I predicted when the 24/7 Wall St. report came out last week, Jim Lane has indeed taken credit for things with which he has had absolutely no involvement or leadership. In an AZCentral article that just posted this morning, Lane is quoted,

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and a Brick Wall |

“There are budget and financial strategic moves that we’ve made under the challenges at the time that have led to the city being seen and being acknowledged as one of the best-run cities in the country.”

Beyond the metrics of the report, issues that weren’t measured include deferred attention to capital investments and infrastructure (as bemoaned by City Treasurer David Smith last week), an abysmal lack of attention to resident concerns by city government, and continual erosion of sustainability in the form of promoting development and businesses that require more resources and tax dollars than they contribute.
Scottsdale voters are going to do a report of their own in November. I don’t think Jim Lane will be bragging then.

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