The Few Who Decry

Jason Rose, PR huckster for the stars of the development industry, tweeted today about Peoria’s consideration of designating an “entertainment district.” In the process, he managed to insult the folks who live north of Camelback and east of Miller Road who have had so much trouble with Scottsdale’s entertainment district, as well as everyone who has paid attention to this issue.

Here’s his tweet:

Jason Rose Tweet


First of all, he is referencing an AZCentral article about a POTENTIAL vote by the Peoria City Council, not the residents of Peoria.

Second, from quotes in the article it is clear that Peoria residents and the Peoria city council are concerned about the potential for exactly the same dynamic that occurred in Scottsdale and continues to plague us.

Third, even the Peoria city staff is concerned. Quoting City Planning Director Chris Jacques, “Jacques said staff would present to the council a proposal that would have a balance among types of businesses so that bars don’t become an overwhelming entity in Old Town.”

He may as well have added, “Like they did in Scottsdale.” I think we should offer him the job of Scottsdale City Manager in January.

Nice try, Rose. I’ll be sure to remind the voters of Scottsdale that you represent Jim Lane in his reelection campaign, and that you both think that the long-time downtown residents who “decry the entertainment district success,” are looney and out of touch with, “the majority of Scottsdale voters.”

And by the way, I thought even the Scottsdale City Treasurer said that ‘our’ entertainment district doesn’t even pay for itself. How is that “success?”

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  1. Being that Scottsdale does not have a designated Entertainment District in either the General Plan or the Downtown Character Area Plan and therefore has no vision, guidelines, standards, definitions or criteria for an Entertainment District, I think Peoria is way ahead of us in protecting quality of life for their residents and avoiding a drain on tax dollars.

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