Best Run Cities?

A reader just forwarded me a link to an article on citing Scottsdale as one of the “Ten Best Run Cities in America.”

Now, before Mayor Lane starts crowing about how great this is and how it is all due to him…

This is a good example of a pseudo-scientific ranking based on statistics that intuitively sound important. However, none of these statistics can measure RESIDENT satisfaction. Statistics are also a snap shot, while many of the issues that make a community “well-run,” or “most livable,” etc. begin their downturn long before they have an effect on surveys. The much-touted AAA bond rating (Manross was pretty keen on this, now watch Lane pick it up) is a prime example of this.

In my opinion based on the statistics chosen for inclusion, this study is really more of a ranking of quality of life. The things that made Scottsdale a great place to live are due to the people who ran Scottsdale DECADES before Lane/Manross/Richert/John Little/Jan Dolan/Chamber of Commerce. It is a great place to live because of the way it is NOW, not the way Lane wants to make it.

Besides, how good can we be if CHANDLER is better? I hope Lane doesn’t break his own arm patting himself on the back.

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  1. UPDATE: Ooops, well I scooped my friends at the Republic on this story, but in the process I failed to note that I was reading the Top Ten list from bottom-to-top. Scottsdale actually beat Chandler in this ranking…which reminds me of the old question: What have you proved if you win an argument with an idiot? Answer: That you are smarter than an idiot!

    No offense to Chandler, though. I lived near Chandler and spent a bit of time in that fair city. There are many interesting facets to that city, and they’ve certainly leapfrogged over us in terms of kick starting collaborative co-work space with their Gangplank (www.

    Which reminds me of something else. A dear friend used to say, “You can learn something from even the dumbest guy in the room.” Again, no offense to Chandler or any of our other neighbors…but what I’m saying is that we shouldn’t automatically think we are so much better!

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