Number 2

Having been named to the Scottsdale Republic’s end-of-year list of “Scottsdale’s Key Players In 2011,” made me immediately think of a porta-toilet vendor’s motto I saw a while back: “We’re Number 1 in the Number 2 business.” Those guys certainly have more of a sense of humor than the Scottsdale City Council.

Scottsdale Republic "Key Players of 2011"

If I were putting together such a list, I probably would have picked a few different ‘players’ (including someone other than me at Number 2). Ironically, just yesterday I posted a list of key issues facing Scottsdale in the upcoming year and only two of the folks on the Republic’s list are currently involved in the most important civic debates.

However, I do have to say ‘thanks’ to the Republic’s writers for selecting me since it does help maintain public awareness of the issue of residential encroachment on the Scottsdale Airport.

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