December Doldrums

Tour de Coups

Tis the season and all that, but…for me there’s something a little “off” about the period from the week of Thanksgiving to the week after New Year’s Day. I’ve never been a huge holiday guy, and being self-employed it seems like the work doesn’t take a holiday. It also seems that there’s a lot of escapism underway. Folks spend so much time focusing on the holidays they don’t seem to have much time for paying attention to the usual community issues, and maybe that’s why they focus on the holidays.

For those like me, there are a few events and activities that aren’t strictly related to the holidays. Michelle is working on our weekly calendar as I type this article, and she’ll send the eblast shortly. However, here’s something fun that you might enjoy: A tour of urban chicken coops, a la Tour de Coops.





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