Airport Advisory Commission – Special Meeting

The Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission has called a Special Meeting this afternoon to discuss possible action regarding land use compatibility around the airport.

Of course, as a former commissioner, I won’t officially be at the meeting. But I’m sure interested in the outcome.

You can review all the fun twists and turns of this issue as described in our earlier posts (listed below). Meanwhile, I have escalated my “request for determination” to FAA HQ in Washington, DC.

Turning Them In?

On thinking back over the television coverage resulting from the Airport Land Use issues – and my dismissal from the Commission – I keep returning to the following statement from Mayor Jim Lane regarding my dismissal.

“It’s incumbent upon him in that capacity working for us and with us not to turn us in…”

That quote is taken from KPHO’s story by Lindsey Reiser. I found it an interesting choice of words on Mayor Lane’s part.

I wonder what the six remaining Commissioners will determine at today’s meeting. And what they may face from the City Council as a result. Should be interesting.

As promised, here are our prior posts on the topic:

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