March Special Election, Take Action Now!

Last week the City Council voted to call a Special Election March 13, 2012 to enact some charter amendments, the General Plan Update, and the Southwest Gas franchise agreement via Resolution 8889 and Ordinance 3904.

Wednesday December 14, 2011 is the deadline for submitting to the City Clerk statements to be published in the pre-election publicity pamphlet supporting or opposing the propositions. Each statement must be no more than 300 words, shall contain the original notarized signature of each person sponsoring it, and sponsors must include name and address and telephone number (which will NOT be published). Statements must include $100 to pay for printing costs. Different rules apply for political committees.

The deadline for registering to vote is Monday February 13, 2012.  But DON’T WAIT. You can easily register this very minute by visiting the Maricopa County Recorder’s website.

Because my phone rings nonstop the week prior to each election with friends and neighbors seeking advice on the issues, I thought I’d just take a shortcut here:

  • I’m voting “yes” on all the charter amendments.
  • I’m voting “NO” on the General Plan Update.
  • I’m voting “yes” on the Southwest Gas franchise agreement.


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