Redistricting Meeting in Scottsdale

Craig McDermott did a nice article on the meeting held by the (so-called) Independent Redistricting Commission at Granite Reef Senior Center last Thursday evening. I was attending the graduation ceremony for the Scottsdale Citizen Police Academy at the public safety headquarters building, so I’ll refer to Craig’s article for the details.

You can read more about the IRC and what redistricting means to Scottsdale in our post from last week. [Update: Here’s an AZ Central article that just posted, although it appeared in print in the Scottsdale Republic last week].

However, one of Craig’s photos caught my eye and I wanted you to see it. There’s some humor and irony to be observed in this photo, but a) I’m not sure how to best articulate it, and b) the Scottsdale City Council berated me Tuesday night for being disrespectful.

So, I’ll just leave you to draw your own conclusions from the photo. I promise no censorship of any comments you’d like to post, though!

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and a Brick Wall |


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