Week In Review

Hi, citizen formerly known as Airport Commissioner John Washington here.

To say this was a busy week would be an understatement.

Major clashes with the power brokers in Scottsdale over openness and transparency in city government, city planning, sustainable economics, and issues of respect (or lack thereof) got me fired from the Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission.

I’ve covered most of the details in previous posts. I won’t rehash them here, but I have provided a list of links so you can find them all in one place. I’ve also included a list of links to various media coverage of these unfolding events.

Ironically, all this drama surrounding the Airport occurs on the week of the Airport’s finest hour in over a decade: The return of the Scottsdale Air Fair. Check it out if you get a chance. One of these days after apartments and noise complaints overwhelm the Airport, you’ll be able to say you were there before it closed.

Letters to the Editor of the Scottsdale Republic

Articles and Media

Background Posts regarding Scottsdale Airport on ScottsdaleTrails

Other Issues on which I’ve Worked and Commented This Week


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  1. That’s quite a summary, John. No wonder I feel like my head is spinning, and I was just a bystander this week!

  2. OK, so this is the end of another round with the City Council , Mayor and rather disinterested City Attorney’s office (ask him no questions and he will tell you no…..well nothin’!!!! Remember that he, too, serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council and only their questions are worthy of answers).

    Now my memory is scratching around here for a link and if I am not to far psychologically abused by government in this City, was Lane along with you on those complaints regarding the Scottsdale Chamber of Smoke and Mirrors?

    Suddenly, he is abed with them…….mercy, the seduction of power and money.

    I was amused by the Proclamation for Civil Dialogue. Took them almost a year to come up with that. One hopes that included in that gesture is the admonition to keep the campaign dialogue to truths and transparency. Yeah that isn’t going to happen…..they are all going to be trained by the Scottsdale Chamber on how to campaign on issues that are important to the Scottsdale Chamber.

    Mr.Washington, formerly known as the Air Park Advisory Commissioner, who took the same oath of office that the Council and Mayor did, and signed it, too, keep your eyes and ears open and don’t go away. Your thoughts and input are needed and appreciated by many, many citizens.

  3. Well, John, look at it this way…perhaps you’re cruci-fiction will lead to the destruction of Pont….oops, I mean the non re-election of Mayor Lane. (that Pontius, really was a pilot).

    You’ve died (politcally speaking) for Scottsdale’s sin of electing Lane in the first place.

    Regards and best wishes,

    1. I have to hand it to you, Mike, that’s quite a clever alliteration!

      Thanks for your kind words. Many of us are disappointed in Mayor Lane.

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