The Maker Revolution

Last month I had the unique opportunity to sit inside The Braindrop, a meditation space to honor water.

Exterior of The Braindrop | By Artist Kate Raudenbush

The really unusual part was that I was in New York City when I did it.

While inside The Braindrop, I was reflecting on how it wouldn’t hurt some of us desert dwellers to pause for a moment and honor water. But I’m ashamed to report that before my line of thinking got any deeper than that, I raced off. It was time to visit the life-size game of Mousetrap, and the giant flaming dragon.

I was at Maker Faire. A wacky, amazing collaboration of very interesting folks.

Their web site explains it best:
Maker Faire is an event that celebrates arts, crafts, engineering, music, science & technology projects, and the DIY mindset.  It’s for creative, resourceful people who like to tinker and love to make things. Started in California in 2006, Maker Faire is the landmark event for grassroots American innovation.
And now it’s coming to Phoenix!
[Note: If you’re saying, “That’s great, Michelle, but what’s the connection between that fact and Scottsdale, on which this blog is supposedly focused?” Um, well. Hmm. Try this: I’ll be attending  Maker Faire Phoenix and I live in Scottsdale. An admittedly weak connection, yet still, I shall proceed with this post.]


What I discovered at the New York Maker Faire is that there is a growing segment of folks who are spending their time creating, just for the love of it. To see if they can. Most of them have no intent to develop their creations into a sell-able product (what would you do with a Rainfall Swingset, anyway?), but they create because that’s what they do. Regardless of their day jobs.

It was a refreshing atmosphere of passion and excitement for the world in which they live. I highly recommend it.

soldering-lessonMaker Faire is this Saturday, October 15th. Roosevelt Row, Downtown Phoenix 11am to 7pm. Tickets available here.

I can’t guarantee that Gon KiRin, the 69′ fire-breathing dragon is giong to be in Phoenix, but I’ll assure you that there will be plenty of fun-yet-educational activities in which to participate.

Where else can you and your kid learn to solder, side-by-side?

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