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Desert Wildflowers in Spring by Howard Myers

A few folks have asked, “Where’s your TRAIL info? After all, the website is ScottsdaleTRAILS, right?”

Why, yes it is! And we aren’t just speaking figuratively. Trails (along with many other active amenities) are a big part of our mission. Before we announced the site I made sure to list many of the great links I’ve used over the years to get information myself about trails and other activities and events.

However, just listing the links wasn’t enough. I knew it would take me a little time to organize my thoughts on general trail recommendations, but I finally did it.

Our “Take a Hike, Scottsdale” page is a good starting point for easy walking paths, urban hiking trails, and great places for biking. You’ll also be able to find more challenging trails.

One of these days we’ll get around to posting some more detailed information about individual trails, but until then there are literally DOZENS of nicely done websites where you can get that kind of information. We’ve tried to list a few of them on our “Take a Hike, Scottsdale” page.

In addition, we’ve put a quick-reference tab at the top center of our navigation header so you don’t have to hunt for your trail info.

Do you have a favorite hike that you enjoy and/or recommend to visitors? We’ll be happy to post it!

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