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Singh Farm, from

I’ve lived in Scottsdale almost 20 years. However, at least once a week I’m pleasantly surprised by something about which I didn’t know in or around Scottsdale. This morning’s surprise is actually just east of Scottsdale on Thomas Rd where it crosses the 101 and onto the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community.

I must have driving by or ridden by on my bicycle a thousand times, but I’ve never noticed Ken Singh’s farm on the north side. Before you go looking for it, if you want some of his dirt I understand he prefers that you come out on Saturdays.

It isn’t really “dirt.” It’s “compost.” In fact, there’s nothing ‘dirty’ about it. Just big, steaming piles of beautiful black compost. Surprisingly, there’s not much odor, either.

I learned a lot about compost in 15 minutes with Ken. He’s quite the ambassador of the black gold. I am eager to go back. And maybe I can see the farm next time!

Since I didn’t get the full tour today, I’ve linked to an AZCentral article by Peter Corbett I found from a couple of years ago so you can have some more details. I also found an amazing litany of praise on Yelp, so I figured I’d share that, too.

You can’t get compost this good even at City Hall!

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  1. There are so many hidden treasures in the city thanks for pointing this out. I’ll have to look for the farm the next time I drive by. Gotta love good dirt!

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