Noisy Neighbors: Take Two

In one of our first articles on ScottsdaleTrails I gave you a little background on the dust-up between the bars in downtown Scottsdale’s growing ‘entertainment district’ (centered south of 75th Street and Camelback) and long-time residents north and east of Camelback and Miller.

Robert Leger, Scottsdale Republic opinion page editor and nemesis of the neighbors, recently posted a column in which he seems to relish the fact that we will not get enforcement in the area from the Maricopa County Sheriff. In case you were wondering, Leger is not a resident of a nearby neighborhood. In fact, he is a resident of Fountain Hills, approximately 20 miles away. Bar noise isn’t a problem for him.

Leger goes on to say that instead of calling for outside enforcement (given lack of same from Scottsdale PD), the neighbors should “compromise” with bar owners. In this clever little twist of logic, Leger ignores the facts that:

  • Many of the neighborhoods in this area have been here 50 years.
  • Residents have told the city staff and City Council the ‘entertainment district’ was going to be a problem for months (if not years).
  • Neighborhood advocates have been working on fixing the problem ever since, including contributing to a “noise ordinance” that the city has been dragging its feet on enforcing.

I wonder if this were happening down the street from Leger’s home if he’d be calling on HIS neighbors to “compromise?”

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