Council Compass: Ron McCullagh

The “Council Compass” series of posts was designed to introduce Council Members and related issues to our readers. The bulk of these posts is author opinion. Feedback and interaction is encouraged, via the ‘comments’ section below.

Ron McCullagh

A brief excerpt from Ron McCullagh’s profile page:

Councilman Ron McCullagh began his first term on the Scottsdale City Council in June 2004, and was reelected to a second term starting in January 2009. He has lived in the Valley for 35 years and in Scottsdale for the past 19 years.

His career experience includes six years as a university professor and 20 years as a businessman in the financial services industry. He is retired and serves on the SUSD Grants Subcommittee and the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee.

John’s thoughts on Ron McCullagh:

Ron definitely has a big business background and mindset, as reflected in his involvement in the Chamber of Commerce. He deviates periodically from the Chamber’s general program toward his pet issues (such as downtown parking, noise ordinance, etc.), but knowledgeable residents are for the most part skeptical. Ron is the most educated member of the council, which is clear when trying to unsuccessfully discuss issues with him. His term expires in 2012, which may explain his recent shift to resident-centric positions on various high-profile issues.

Our next Council Member scheduled for this series: Linda Milhaven.

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