WestWorld Expansion in Scottsdale?

Payson, AZ. I’m listening to the sounds of a gathering high-country summer monsoon afternoon thunderstorm as I write this. The wind chimes and the wind in the pines are punctuated by cracking and rolling thunder. The temperature has dropped and the rain will soon begin. The change these cues portend perhaps foreshadows the impact of this lowly blog on the civic and political landscape of Scottsdale. These storms are fearsome, but also cathartic. We welcome the change!

Kristena Hansen’s excellent article on AZCentral today contains a couple of great quotes by former City Councilmember Marg Nelssen (widow of late Councilman Tony Nelssen):

“I’m hopeful that the WestWorld expansion will go through and that will elevate our celebration of the equestrian element to not just this economy but to its history,” said Marg Nelssen, wife of City Councilman Tony Nelssen who died last year.

“The city’s responsibility is to continue to support the differences in lifestyles that are available in Scottsdale,” Nelssen said. “One of those is definitely being able to have a horse in your backyard.”

It’s a great article – well worth the time to read.

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