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SUSD: Just One Meeting

As former Scottsdale City councilman Bob Littlefield has often said, If you want to see what’s wrong with government, just attend one city council meeting. After having researched Scottsdale Unified School district extensively for some time, combing through meeting minutes and agendas, statutes, policies, attorney general opinions, etc., I finally attended my first SUSD governing board […]

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SUSD: A Charter School for Tonalea?

Let me state emphatically that I’m not a big fan of the way the charter school model has been implemented in Arizona, and the havoc that implementation has wreaked upon our public schools. Having taxpayer-owned real estate and infrastructure in-place is one of the last competitive advantages that our taxpayer-owned public school districts have over charter […]

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SUSD Dishonesty Update

Update to SUSD: A Thousand Ways to be Dishonest: A very shallow article in today’s Scottsdale Republic (“Scottsdale quashes rumors of food bank”), and some very ham-handed criticism of concerned Tonalea Elementary school neighbors by a city council member’s shills, seems to be not only short-selling the reals story, but also stoking a smoldering fire. The […]

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