Scottsdale’s newest Master Pilots

Three members of the Scottsdale “Thunderbird Field” Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association¬† were dubbed “Master Pilots” this week by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) Safety Team. Bernie Gross, Stew Bloemer, and Arv Schultz received their awards from FAAST members Ernie Copeland and Tina Buskirk who work at the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) […]

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An Eclipse of Two Stars

It is my custom to geographically limit the topics for ScottsdaleTrails to within a day’s drive. However, I occasionally make exception…in this case because the trip began and ended in Scottsdale. And it’s technically a day’s drive, even though it’s a long one.   By astronomical and cartographic coincidence, I was driving southward early Monday […]

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