IRS rules Scottsdale city bonds for Nordstrom Garage are taxable

In a rebuke to the crony capitalist policies of Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane and the so-called “Republicans” on the city council (including former city treasurer David Smith), the IRS has ruled that bonds issued by the city to pay off a parking garage at Fashion Square Mall are not eligible for the tax exempt status under which […]

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When Did Theft Become Offensive?

Laurie Roberts posted a great article this morning pointing out the ridiculous hypocrisy of folks who complain about the designs on Starbucks holiday coffee cups while ignoring the utter theft of their tax dollars taking place right under their noses. This theft includes what has happened to funding for public education in Arizona for the […]

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Bonds: What You Actually Approved

By my rough math, we had about 22% turnout for Scottsdale’s bond/tax election yesterday, November 3, 2015. Sad, especially considering that a little more than 10% of Scottsdale’s registered voters (16,000) were able to raise property taxes for all 146,000 voters. Or said another way, just by staying home, 114,000 voters agreed to have their […]

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