What a Concept: Government Should Be Honest!

Doug MacEachern had a great column in Monday’s Arizona Republic. I still have to shake my head at the genius editors and web folks who make these nuggets so hard to find on AZCentral, and I’m grateful to ScottsdaleTrails readers who still subscribe to the print version for alerting me to them. I respect MacEachern’s willingness […]

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The Tempe Tax Santa Claus

Thanks to ScottsdaleTrails reader MK for bringing to my attention a couple of recent Tempe Republic stories about pre-Christmas tax abatement gifts to developers. I guess it isn’t enough to give them mere zoning concessions. The first, a column by Robert Robb, refers to a property tax abatement for development on the site of Monti’s restaurant […]

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City Favored Developers Over Residents?

Nah, can’t be true! Can it? Scottsdale citizens, does any of this sound familiar? “Character area” plans were meant to reflect a community’s vision for their neighborhoods. But some…residents are saying their feedback on high density and apartments was ignored. I can’t imagine that! Not in Scottsdale! Obviously, if you’ve ever read anything on ScottsdaleTrails […]

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