Blades for Badges

Scottsdale’s police officers and staff are proud to announce the 5th annual Police Officers of Scottsdale “Blades for Badges” charity ice hockey meetup at the Ice Den on Bell Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. The POSA “Enforcers” team up to go head-to-head against our local rivals, the “Ice Men that Care,” of The Hacker Hockey Club. […]

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Bonds: What You Actually Approved

By my rough math, we had about 22% turnout for Scottsdale’s bond/tax election yesterday, November 3, 2015. Sad, especially considering that a little more than 10% of Scottsdale’s registered voters (16,000) were able to raise property taxes for all 146,000 voters. Or said another way, just by staying home, 114,000 voters agreed to have their […]

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