Is Public Safety Really A Priority?

This article by Jim Hill, president of the Police Officers of Scottsdale Association, appeared in the most recent POSA newsletter. Scottsdale, what are YOUR Priorities? Last month I told all of you that the December 10th City Council meeting was going to be very important because the City Manager was going to ask the City […]

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Chamber for Sale (Sold) CORRECTION

In an article I posted last night, I stated that Joe Galli and Loren Molever from the soon-to-be-defunct North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce had called Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips (at the time a candidate) a “communist.” That statement was not technically accurate. Mr. Molever sent me an email last night in response to my […]

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Cultural Council: More Paperwork

    Yesterday the Scottsdale Republic published a column I wrote in response to an article from last week about the ‘reinvention’ of the Scottsdale Cultural Council []: COMMUNITY VOICES: Setting record straight on Cultural Council The Scottsdale Republic’s puff piece on the Scottsdale Cultural Council (Nov. 23, “Cultural Council celebrates past, looks to future”) […]

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