Scottsdale Election 2014 Recommendations

Most of you who are on the Permanent Early Voting List have received your early ballots by now. If you have not yet marked them, or if you prefer to vote on Election Day, here are my recommendations. Regular readers of ScottsdaleTrails know my well-researched positions on the local candidates, but I’ve added some ‘Cliff’s […]

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Culture Shift. Again.

The Scottsdale Cultural Council just announced the hiring of a new president. Woo hoo. Let’s go to Linda Milhaven’s bar district and celebrate. Then we can take a pedicab ride down Scottsdale Road at midnight and play dodge-the-drunk-driver. In all seriousness, “Welcome to Scottsdale,” Mr. Neale Perl. I hope you have a clear understanding of […]

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Election Recommendations: City Council

You haven’t seen much action on ScottsdaleTrails lately because I’ve been very busy with other very important activities. However, it’s not because I haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in Scottsdale, and in particular with the upcoming elections. I’m going to focus my coverage on the Scottsdale City Council election, and the contest in […]

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