I was copied on an email to the Scottsdale city council and mayor today, in which a word caught my eye: “Quango.” Quango (quasi non-governmental organization) is an acronym that describes arms-length bodies funded by government departments but not run by them. They are given power and paid for by government departments. One of my […]

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When Did Theft Become Offensive?

Laurie Roberts posted a great article this morning pointing out the ridiculous hypocrisy of folks who complain about the designs on Starbucks holiday coffee cups while ignoring the utter theft of their tax dollars taking place right under their noses. This theft includes what has happened to funding for public education in Arizona for the […]

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Scottsdale Buys A Newspaper

Terrance Thornton reports in the Scottsdale Independent (Scottsdale City Council looks to bolster creation of ‘event-based economy’) that the circularity of the relationship between the city and the Arizona Republic is taking yet another lap around the track. The newspaper of record –in the person of former Scottsdale Republic editor (now PR hack) Mike Ryan– […]

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