Putting the “Art” in the “Public”

Yesterday afternoon marked the official sendoff for Margaret Bruning, Associate Director of Scottsdale Public Art. Like many happy/sad occasions, this one provides opportunity to embrace new perspectives. After all, that’s what art is about. Perspective By observing and participating in art, you gain perspective. Often, art helps you see things you may never have been […]

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The Maker Revolution

Last month I had the unique opportunity to sit inside The Braindrop, a meditation space to honor water. Exterior of The Braindrop | By Artist Kate Raudenbush The really unusual part was that I was in New York City when I did it. While inside The Braindrop, I was reflecting on how it wouldn’t hurt […]

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Putting The “Public” In Public Art

Last night I attended my first City Council meeting. Well, I sure can pick ’em. My intent in attending was to see things first hand, and to learn a bit more about the process and the players in our city government. People┬átalk about “the government” does this and “the government” does that. I recently realized┬áthat […]

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