2013 Scottsdale Bond Election Information

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and the City Council majority have approved a bond election for this November. That means they are asking your permission to use the taxpayers’ credit card to borrow money to pay for various projects.

Scottsdale currently has about $1.3 BILLION in debt. That’s as much as the financially-troubled City of Glendale, and it’s the highest per capita of any city in the Valley.

With debt comes debt service. About 1/3 of our general fund budget ($87 million) currently goes to debt service every year instead of public services. The upcoming bond election will have the voters consider almost a quarter of BILLION dollars in NEW debt.

There are significant unanswered questions like:

  • Do we really need to borrow all of this money?
  • Why were the bond items deceptively grouped on the ballot, instead of a line-item listing?
  • Why was there no discussion about the financial impact of the huge debt service burden?
  • Why was there no discussion about how we got into this situation of “need?”

Here are some links to helpful information on this issue:

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List of bond items (more detailed analysis of each item will be posted at a later date):

There will be four questions on the ballot. Voters will be asked to vote “yes” or “no” on each question. Each question will contain a number of projects to be funded. A “yes” vote on a question approves all of the projects under that question.

Question 1. Parks, Libraries and Community Facilities, $50.4 million/10 Projects

  1. Integrated Financial, Human Resources, and Purchasing System: $4.5M
  2. Pinnacle Peak Park Improvements: $2.8M, 3) Vista Del Camino Park/Indian Bend Wash Renovation: $8.3M
  3. Aquatics Chemical System Replacement: $3.1M
  4. Expansion of Via Linda and Granite Reef Senior Centers: $7.1M
  5. Ballfield Lighting System Replacement Phase 1: $2.4M
  6. Civic Center Library Improvement Phase II: $4.7M
  7. Civic Center West Entry Improvements: $4.6M
  8. Paiute Community Center Renovations: $7.6M, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts Renovation Phase III: $4.3M.

Question 2. Public Safety, $43.7 million/10 Projects

  1. Radio System Upgrade: $5.8M
  2. Police Civic Center Jail Consolidation: $4.4M
  3. Electronic Storage Replacement: $1.1M
  4. Bring Existing Fire Stations to Compliance Standards: $3.5M
  5. Police Civic Center Station Expansion: $3.9M, 6) Desert Foothills Fire Station 613: $3.5M
  6. Fire Training Facility Expansion: $3.4M, 8) Public Safety Via Linda Facility Expansion: $12.5M
  7. Desert Mountain Fire Station 616: $4.6M
  8. Purchase Land for Fire Station 612: $1.0M.

Question 3. Neighborhood Flood Control, $19 million/5 Projects

  1. Granite Reef Watershed: $3.5M
  2. Neighborhood Stormwater: $1.5M
  3. Loop 101 Detention Basin: $6.3M
  4. Loop 101 Detention Basin Outfall: $5.0M
  5. Indian Bend Road/Lincoln Drive Flood Hazard Mitigation: $2.7M.

Question 4. Transportation and Streets, $99 million/14 Projects

  1. Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet Upgrade and Replacement: $9.8M
  2. Bridge Safety Upgrades and Rehabilitation Project: $1.5M
  3. Northeast Downtown Public Parking Structure: $8.0M
  4. Accessible Curb Ramps – ADA compliance: $2.0M
  5. Hayden Road Intersections at Chaparral and Camelback Roads: $5.5M
  6. Pima Freeway (SR 101L) Signalized Intersection Upgrades: $2.5M
  7. Downtown Pedestrian Improvements: $4.0M
  8. Expired/Quiet Pavement Replacement: $15.4M
  9. Advance Funding for Loop 101 Access Improvements: $11.0M
  10. Airpark Roadway Circulation Phase II: $13.3M
  11. Indian Bend / West World Trail and Path Connections: $6.9M
  12. Scottsdale Road Utility Relocation and Streetscape: $14.0M
  13. Street Operations Maintenance Building: $1.1M
  14. Citywide Trails Implementation: $4.0M.

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