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Super Bowl Tax Boost? Not Buying It

Peter Corbett’s front page article in today’s Arizona Republic on Super Bowl tax impact is a perfect example of how reading critically can reveal a completely different picture than the headline might suggest. ’15 Super Bowl visitors boosted tax revenue by double digits Sorry, Peter, I’m not buying it. And you gave a really good […]

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Armchair Super Bowl Economics

Dawn Gilbertson’s article on AZCentral Thursday, “Super Bowl weekend a bonanza for Phoenix area hotels and resorts,” is unfortunately a typical puff piece and exercise in confirmation bias that will be used to justify the millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded Super Bowl subsidies paid out by Valley cities…not to mention huge bumps in spending for […]

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Cost Versus Benefits: Super Bowl Voodoo Economics

I’ve been pretty hard on the Arizona Republic and much of our other news media, but I have to give credit to Laurie Roberts, Mark Curtis, and a few others who are keeping the dialog going about the real cost of big events like the Super Bowl. However,¬†even these professional journalists aren’t able to keep […]

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