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The Price of Pandering to Millennials

The term “millennials” has been used a lot in the last couple of years in what is presented as deliberative discussion about the future of Scottsdale with regard to economic development, housing, and transportation. Many important decisions theoretically relied on these deliberations in arriving at–for example–the erosion of Scottsdale’s┬átraditionally high development standards in favor of […]

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Light Rail’s PR Pandering

In a letter published in today’s Arizona Republic, Drew Sexton claims (among other things) that The [Valley Metro] light rail is a great, cost-effective investment not just for Millennials and our public transportation system but for the future of education in our city. [Phoenix’s] Prop. 104 builds on that investment and should have our support. […]

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Peter Pan City Planning and Fairy Dust Incentives

In an Arizona Republic opinion column a couple of days ago, Robert Robb brilliantly analyzes the current land-use planning philosophy that has pushed aside all common sense throughout the metro area: Phoenix banks on Peter Pan theory of Millennials. Among Robb’s observations: I believe urban form and government infrastructure should maximize the living preferences of […]

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