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Civil Dishonesty

I was copied on an email today from a citizen warning about a proposed Scottsdale real estate development that intends to displace a number of senior citizens. How many times have I heard this before? Let me count them…no, not really. Here’s my reply: The developers of projects like this wouldn’t pursue them if they weren’t […]

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Scottsdale General Plan Feud

I wouldn’t have chosen the word “feud” like Beth Duckett did for today’s extended-play version of last week’s article on the implosion of the Scottsdale General Plan Task Force. However, I also wouldn’t say that it is an unfair characterization. On the other hand, there are some serious factual errors in the article, which I’ve […]

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Bye, Bye Borgata

An article in the Scottsdale Republic this morning cites the imminent demolition of Scottsdale’s iconic Borgata upscale shopping center to make way for a high-density housing project. Among the rationalizations the city will hide behind in approving this project: A traffic impact study concluded that the residential complex would generate less traffic than the commercial […]

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