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Civil Dialog is a Hoax

Like the recent Scottsdale City Council meeting at which the otherwise-inattentive masses showed up to watch their city government debate an ice cream truck ordinance, one of last week’s meetings drew a crowd eager to hear about the latest Band-Aid on public safety in Scottsdale’s bar district. Unfortunately for those who departed after that discussion, […]

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David Peterson Expelled 2: Korte calls Kirby a “Bitch”

No sooner than I pushed the “publish” button on my last article, I received the latest missive from Virginia Korte in my inbox via the anonymous “Voice of Scottsdale” blog. I was rather shocked to see the normally-genteel Scottsdale city council woman refer to Scottsdale Unified School District governing board member Pam Kirby as an […]

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Scottsdale Chamber: Prominent Contradiction

A friend forwarded me this call-to-action from Rick Kidder at the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce. It couldn’t have been better timed, given my multitude of recent articles on the issues to which this pertains, especially, “Logical Fallacies.” I’ve added some notes of my own here and there. Hello, For too many years, Scottsdale has […]

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