Adrian Fontes delivering on Maricopa Co election reform promises

In addition to an interesting proposal to implement mail-only elections for the county (money savings will be hard for the phony-cons to oppose inspire of their belief that reducing voter workload works against them), one of Fontes’ other goals (as listed in an AZ Republic article) is,

Reviewing roughly 40,000 unprocessed voter-registration applications. Fontes said he found boxes of state-issued voter-registration forms that were not processed over at least five years because applicants did not provide proof of citizenship or answer a letter mailed to them requesting proof. Fontes said he does not have a written record of whether the letters were sent.He has instructed staff to record the application attempts, approve applications for which citizenship proof can be found at the Arizona motor-vehicle department and send letters again requesting proof to applicants whose MVD information cannot be found.

I probably don’t need to remind you that it was Fontes’ long-time Republican predecessor who is responsible for–shall we say, “misplacing”–the boxes of unprocessed voter registration applications.

Once some of those get processed, I’d be very interested to know what the ratio of party affiliations for them are.

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