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With this post, I’m starting a series of short articles of local businesses where I trade. These aren’t necessarily endorsements and I don’t necessarily know the owners personally. Nor do I get paid for the reviews.

You can think of these as recommendations I would make to you if you were a friend, neighbor, or family member…recommendations I don’t make lightly because I don’t want to get chewed on if I steer any of those folks wrong!

Ron Fassl, Sr. Photo: Jim Sorenson.
Ron Fassl, Sr. Photo: Jim Sorenson.

So, for starters: Ron Fassl Automotive. The shop was founded by Ron Fassl, Sr. (Last Pass, April, 2014), a local drag racer of some fame for his AA/Fuel Altered performances around the Southwest. “Senior” set several records in AA/Fuel Altered, one of which (276.41 mph) still stands ten years later.

After 47 years in Scottsdale and the passing of Senior, a high-rise housing development finally pushed Ron Fassl, Jr. to look for new digs. In keeping with the cost-effective automotive service he offers, “Ronnie” relocated the business to north Tempe, on Miller Road just south of Curry in the BGB building.

From old-school service for the basics like oil changes and brake jobs, all the way to sophisticated computer analysis of later-model cars, Ronnie delivers at a fair price through low overhead and efficient diagnosis.

Give Ronnie a call and tell him John Washington sent you.

FassllogoFassl Automotive Center
903 N Miller Rd, Tempe AZ 85281
web: FasslAuto.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Ron-Fassl-automotive-567297729970453/




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