Susan Bitter Smith, Corporate Regulator, Part 3

I got a kick out of Ryan Randazzo’s very in-depth AZ Republic article about Susan Bitter Smith yesterday.

There’s so much detail that to hit the highlights would be to regurgitate the entire article. So, I’ll leave it to you to read it on AZCentral.

However, I do want to point to one line that jumped out at me:

“Bitter Smith said her company’s goal is not to thwart public input.”

This is an accurate, but highly misleading statement. Bitter Smith’s goal is only to thwart input from the opposition, and she has stooped to some pretty low methods in doing so.

And I got a nice chuckle out of reading about Bill Crawford defending her. Crawford supported many of the developments in Scottsdale’s bar district which have been problematic, and he was an outspoken supporter of the outlandish rezoning for the Mercedes dealership.

Further, Ryan did a great job of pointing out that the words don’t match the deeds when it comes to Mayor Jim Lane’s campaign PR huckster, Jason Rose…who I might also add worked with Bitter Smith on the utterly failed Blue Sky project, which still sits years after approval as an empty lot northeast of Camelback and Scottsdale Road.

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  1. “Ed Phillips, a longtime friend and two-term state senator from Scottsdale, has known Bitter Smith for 35 years. He said he is “befuddled” by the current controversy surrounding her work.

    ‘She and (husband) Paul are two of the most honest and upstanding people I’ve known in the political arena,” he said. “There has never been any hint of them doing anything untoward.'”

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