Goodbye, Dr. Rodgers…and Good Luck

(Dr.) Tim Rodgers (from

It only took five short days for at least one of the Scottsdale Cultural Council rumors to be borne out: Tim Rodgers, director of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (a Cultural Council division), is moving on to greener pastures…which would be about anywhere other than the Scottsdale Cultural Council.

I’m surprised that Tim (who is a PhD, but I’ve never seen him use the “Doctor” salutation) could stand it as long as he did. He’s a very pleasant and positive guy, in addition to being very sharp, and he has a strong cultural arts background.

Quoting from an article in today’s FrontDoorNews:

An academic, writer, lecturer and curator, Rodgers’ research interests span American modernism of the early 20th century to international contemporary art. He earned his Ph.D. in the history of art from Brown University and a B.A. from Arizona State University. In addition to his experience as a curator and museum administrator, Rodgers has worked as an educator and taught at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis., as a tenured member of its art and art history department.

In classic Rodgers positive fashion, the announcement of his departure is a review of highlights of his time at the reins, and encouragement for the future of SMoCA via what appears to be a well-thought-out succession plan.

Best of luck to you, Tim!

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  1. Nobody is irreplaceable … but Tim comes pretty close. Will be interesting to see where he lands and how soon.

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