Jim Lane does a Travolta

The following letter-to-the editor appeared in the Saturday Scottsdale Republic. It’s too bad that more folks like Mr. Jonas didn’t pay attention during Jim Lane’s campaign for re-election in 2011 (when he skipped more than half the debates, and badly goofed the events he did attend), or during Lane’s four-year term before that. This is far from the first time that Lane has embarrassed the city. Maybe we can keep this in mind when he begins campaigning next year for his third term:

Poor presentation at film fest

Sunday, February 15th, my wife Barbara and I attended the Jewish Film Festival’s presentation of it’s Lifetime Achievement Award to internationally recognized Theodore Bikel, who was in attendance at Harkins’ Camelview Theater. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane also presented a proclamation honoring Mr. Bikel on behalf of the City of Scottsdale.

Mayor Lane was a complete embarrassment — it was obvious he had not bothered to read the proclamation beforehand. He stumbled through the text and mispronounced every name in it, including Mr. Bikel’s, and gave the distinct impression that he didn’t really know who Mr. Bikel was or why he was being honored.

I hope the warm and enthusiastic reception the audience gave Mr. Bikel made up for Mr. Lane’s abysmal presentation.

Michael Jonas

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